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Your Premier
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Sparkart is a full-stack ecommerce agency.
We design, develop, and scale unique shopping
experiences for iconic brands.

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Made with ❤️ in Oakland and Nashville
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Fresh Ideas

Need a new way to tell your story? Or a new way to surprise, delight, or connect with your most hard core fans? Our team has a two-decade plus history of creating breakthrough ecommerce experiences that deliver results.


How things look and feel matters. And how your fans experience your brand across all devices and social platforms matters. Our design team will help you tell your story, and showcase your products in a stunningly beautiful way.


Does it work? Does it scale? Is it secure? Allow our world-class engineering team to answer these thorny questions for you, and help you deliver a world-class user experience for your fans.


We live in your data to find insights to help us learn what is working, and what isn’t, iterate quickly, and then target, reach, and convert new customers for you across all key platforms.

Fan Delight

Our customer success team is here to help you under-promise, over-deliver, and earn fierce loyalty from your fans.


Moving atoms is never easy. Our expert team of operations and logistics pros will help you ship tens, or hundreds of thousands of orders, anywhere in the world.

New Opportunities

In addition to supporting our clients' ecommerce initiatives, Sparkart is constantly evolving to create new digital experiences with our partners.


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Sparkart has been a part of some of the most successful NFT campaigns to date, having worked with clients that have generated millions of dollars in NFT sales.  We believe this new revenue stream is not one-size-fits-all and that it's important to cultivate an audience to sustain longevity for creators and offer long-term value for collectors.

Live Streaming

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Live Streaming

We provide an end-to-end white label solution for artists to stream live or pre-recorded content, direct to their fans through the artist's website.

Full customer lifecycle management and merchandise fulfillment. Dedicated account management and customer support.

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