Redbox Tickets

Redbox has over 42,000 kiosks across the US. A third of all households rent their movies and video games from Redbox. We thought it would be a great idea for Redbox to extend their platform to sell tickets. Tickets to concerts, sporting events, attractions and everything in between. So we pitched them on this powerful idea and they loved it.

Over the course of two years we helped them design the platform, develop the business model, and secure relationships with major inventory owners from Caesars to Golden Voice to Universal Studios. We helped Redbox make Redbox Tickets happen.

Screen Captures

  • Home Page

    Browser Bar Redbox Tickets Homepage
  • Event Listing Options

    Redbox Tickets - Event Listing Options
  • Event Details Page

    Browser Bar Redbox Tickets - Event Detail
  • Event Tickets Page

    Browser Bar Redbox Tickets - Event Tickets