When we’re not crafting pixel after pixel, we’re listening to great music, arguing over which incarnation of The Doctor is the best, eating delicious home-made macarons, and enjoying each other’s company over burgers and beer.

Lunching at Xolo

The People

We have an amazing team.

  • Jaffer Asegaf

    Jaffer Asegaf

    Product Development

  • Alex Brasfield

    Alex Brasfield

    Account Management

  • Robert Comyns

    Robert Comyns

    Account Management

  • Amber Davila

    Amber Davila

    Office Management & Customer Support

  • Rickesh Dhupelia

    Rickesh Dhupelia


  • Howie Diamond

    Howie Diamond

    Business Development

  • Aubrey Douglass

    Aubrey Douglass

    Account Management

  • Jamie Erickson

    Jamie Erickson

    Customer Support

  • Ash Garber

    Ash Garber

    Account Management

  • Sarah Garber

    Sarah Garber

    Account Management

  • Kari Gilbertson

    Kari Gilbertson

    Account Management

  • Alka Jain

    Alka Jain

    Human Resources

  • Naveen Jain

    Naveen Jain


  • Mila Jennings

    Mila Jennings


  • Joannic Laborde

    Joannic Laborde

    Product Development

  • Andy Lempart

    Andy Lempart

    Account Management

  • Eric Lanehart

    Eric Lanehart

    Product Development

  • James Lovejoy

    James Lovejoy

    Product Development

  • Timothy Lovett

    Timothy Lovett

    Product Development

  • Saeng Phein

    Saeng Phein

    Account Management

  • Roxanne Pritchard

    Roxanne Pritchard


  • Eric Szeto

    Eric Szeto

    User Experience

  • Ferdinand Valencia

    Ferdinand Valencia


  • Jamie Way

    Jamie Way

    Account Management

  • Greg Weber

    Greg Weber


  • Nils Weedon

    Nils Weedon

    Customer Support

The Perks

From sweet tools and swag to delicious snacks, we've got you covered.

  • iMac Computer


    We’ll hook you up with your choice of computer and peripherals.

  • 2201 Broadway Building


    Uptown Oakland is the place to be. We’re steps away from some of the Bay Area’s best food, coffee, and concerts.

  • BART Train


    We're a 5 minute walk away from the 19th Street BART station and a 12 minute BART ride from Downtown San Francisco.

  • Red Cross

    Medical Coverage

    We need you healthy at all times, soldier! You get full medical, dental and vision.

  • Clock

    Work Schedule

    We don’t have regular hours, just get the work done.

  • PS3 Controller

    Time Out

    Need a break? Pick up some controllers and battle co-workers on Xbox and PS3 consoles. Marvel vs. Capcom anyone?

  • Clock

    Flexible Workplace

    We want you to enjoy the Bay Area weather as much as we do. Find yourself a cute café or park (with wifi) to work from!

  • Ticket

    Tickets to Events

    Some of our clients show their love by showering us with tickets and swag.

  • Delicious Cookie! Yum!

    Food. Glorious Food.

    Kitchen stocked with delicious cookies, chips, and snacks! We've got free lunches every Friday to catch up on the week & each other.

  • Mug of Beer

    After Hours

    Get your beer on with the Account Management crew at Fauna or join the User Experience team for monthly movie geekfests.

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